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  4. How can I make sure emails from the pharmacy do not get sent to junk or spam?

Depending on which email provider you use, there are different steps you can follow to “whitelist” emails from the pharmacy. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Add us as a contact in your email address book
    • Our automatic emails come from, so this is the address we recommend adding
  • Locate an email from us, and select the option to “add sender to safe list”
    • The exact option wording may vary, and may be found on a drop-down list or appear as a button
  • If your inbox has multiple tabs (for example, Gmail) and you would like our emails to display in your inbox, select an email from us and look for an option to “move” the message to your inbox
    • This will allow you to select where to move the email to, and may also show a confirmation to send emails from the sender to your inbox

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